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Post by Tama Otori on Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:20 am

So my username is somewhat made up. Tama is a Japanese name I found on a baby naming site and supposedly it means Jewel which is my real name. Otori comes from an anime I like and the voice actor of Kyoya Otori is my favorite actor. I like to create accounts where I have a made up character name that includes their first name and last name if I give them one. Sometimes I add in a character sheet for them but I don't have so much info on this one so I will tell you my small thread on her for now.

She is a rich girl who lost her hearing while young. She was raised by her mother because her father ran off, she is an only child. She is not at all related to Kyoya but she shares his name. Until high school she attended public schools with a friend of hers who wasn't well off and also had a single parent. She attends Ouran Academy with her friend and follows her around mostly because no one can really speak to her otherwise.

For now that's all. If you're curious yes her best friend is Haruhi Fugioka, please pardon my spelling but I am not Japanese as far as I know. You may think its stupid what I do but I think it as a good stretch of my creativity when it comes to writing. It certainly helped when I wrote fanfictions.

Any questions I guess I can answer here or pm. And yes I have used these forums before so I know what to do.
Tama Otori
Tama Otori
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