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Coarshire Castle (Open!!

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Coarshire Castle (Open!! Empty Coarshire Castle (Open!!

Post by ~Odd_One~ on Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:20 am

Coarshire Castle is the residence of some of today’s most prominent young royals and their staff. With most of their countries in uproar the young royals were sent here with some of their most loyal staff to protect them from the outside world. People are starting to resent the royals and their families and are going to outrageous measures to remove them from power.

Coarshire is the only place that they are able to live away from fear because of its secret location deep in the Bavarian mountain. No one knows how long they are going to have to stay at the castle and almost everyone is on edge. All they can do is make the best out of the situation and hope for the best.

The royals have all grown up in modern times and some think it’s ridiculous that they are being forced to live hidden in the mountains; others are actually really concerned about what this may mean for their futures. Some of the royals don’t actually get along and being forced to live under the same roof isn’t exactly something they are happy about and it’s sure to cause some drama. What happens when you throw a bunch of young rich royals into one house? Well that’s something we’re going to find out.But these royals are a little bit different they all come from families of the supernatural realm. such as a siren,shapeshifters,muses, so on and so fourth anything you can think of.


~Just need at least one to two more characters of each gender.

Character Sheet::

Name:Lady Kalel Meyers
Race::Siren=female creatures with power of seduction.
Bio:: Kalel is the princess of Siren's. Her father still king of there lands and mother as well they sent her to Coarshire castle to live in peace and not have to worry about being assassinated by those who are tired of the royal family and scared of who they are. She is an only child. Kalel quite the seductress of her species maybe one of the best. the staff members she brought along is two twin maids which are very skilled in everything needed to protect there mistress there names are Bella and May.
Personality: Smart/ cunning/ easily angered/ cunning /cruel and yet kind.

Coarshire Castle (Open!! Beautiful-black-haired-girl

Name:Sir Alexander Grayson
Race:Elf=they are powerful, human-sized beings that are more beautiful and noble than humans. They are generally long-lived and eternally youthful.
Bio:Alexander is the prince of the Elves, he has a few other siblings but they are not in line to be the next in line they are either already wedded or live as civilians. The staff members he brought to protect him were his personal servant David and a maid Breann.
Personality: sarcastic/ rambunctious/ straight forward/brave/courageous/protective
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Coarshire Castle (Open!! Empty Re: Coarshire Castle (Open!!

Post by Tama Otori on Wed May 11, 2016 5:18 am

I will join if you want, but I'm not so sure of how you like to rp, if you like paragraphs or can you take short like 1 or 2 sentences sometimes depending on how inspired I am.
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